"Seochon, Becomes a Horizontal Hotel."

Seochon is the village where

low-level buildings are

horizontally connected to each other

along the roads.

The shops on the alleys contain

the feeling of Seochon.

They might not be fancy but 

shows their identity of simple and light. 

Seochon alleys are the horizontal hotel

that any traveler can easily enter.

"Find the Joy of Travel on the Alleys."

In the fast-changing city called Seoul,

Seochon embraces Hanok and the traces of old streets that coexist with the present on every corner of the alleys.


The intertwined alleys might be strange and complicated at first.

However, you will realize soon that this is what makes Seochon attractive.

Now, shall we go for delightful trip to the Seochon alleys?

What scenes of Seochon will greet you?


"Reinterpreting Hanok,

Our Own View about What Seochon-like Would be."

Yoohee stays in Seochon.

We re-interpreted Seochon Hanoks

from the idea of

“What would be the lifestyle of

people in Seoul,

if the tradition and modern times are 

naturally connected

since the old times until now?”

Meet the special stays of Seochon Yoohee

where you can experience and feel the 

Korean culture and arts of Hanok

in daily life.